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Receive reservations directly from Google Search and Google Maps and convert your customers' research into actual reservations. No commission fees, no additional costs for new reservations, it's all included in your OctoTable subscription.

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澳洲幸运五官网开奖记录:详述澳洲幸运5的官方网站,提供最权威、最及时的开奖记录,让彩民能够便捷地查询。Discover all products and services and improve your business

Our mission is that of providing properties with a useful and easy-to-use platform, to improve their services, their daily tasks and their overall business. Discover our Software to ensure your business is going to be successful!

QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Create and custom the digital menu for your restaurant on OctoTable!


Improve the shopping experience and reduce queues at the checkout!

Online Restaurant Booking System

Manage your online bookings through Online Restaurant Booking System on OctoTable. Free and without commission fees.

Online Restaurant Ordering System

Make your business well organized. Get online orders from your guests’ smartphone to the kitchen in a few clicks.

Delivery Management Software for Restaurants

Discover OctoTable online system and deliver your food everywhere. Manage your own deliveries and pickups at your own pace, with no additional commission fees.
Online Payments
With Octotable, you can pay the bill online thanks to integration with Paypal or Stripe. When? Before consumption via Pay&Go or after consumption, directly at the table. Your guests only need to scan the QR code to pay directly from their smartphone. Avoid queues and save time.
Waiting list
Create your virtual waiting list and don’t miss out on any reservations. If you have no more tables available, keep in touch with the customer who made the request. As soon as there will be a free table again, you can either email them or send an sms to confirm the reservation.
Floor Plan
Recreate your space on OctoTable, customize the background and the shape of the tables. Share your digital space on your booking page, and enable customers to reserve the table they prefer.
Octosite (Website Builder)
You don’t have a website for your place, do you? Create it with us in a few clicks. We provide you with a free and customizable domain and different themes and models you can choose among.
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You can start trying out our Restaurant Management software for free! After your free trial you can still use our platform in the basic plan!

Check out our prices. And do not forget that our monthly subscription has no obligations. So you can pause your subscription whenever you want and simply charge the credit when you actually need OctoTable products.

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Transform the way you manage restaurant reservations with OctoTable's integration into the Zapier universe. Connect to an array of apps, from Gmail to Mailchimp, ensuring you're always in the loop with new, updated, or canceled bookings

OctoTable Zapier

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Organize your Beach Club and Beach Bar with a powerful Beach Management Software fully integrated with Reserve with Google.

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Organize your events the easiest way. No matter what kind of property you have, OctoTable is super flexible and suitable for any business you have.